How do you implement mindfulness in the workplace? Today's leaders and organisations need to develop an agile mindset and take bold risks. This Authority Guide shows you how to link mindfulness directly to business challenges and offers practical and accessible tools for change. Written by an expert on leadership, meditation and mindfulness, the book teaches you how to manage your inner landscape of thoughts, emotions and interruptions so that you can create a compassionate, innovative and sustainable working culture.







“Palma Michel’s book is masterful: It is an easy read yet full of profound insights on how to apply simple mindfulness techniques to great effect at work. Palma’s wisdom and calm presence shines through on every page. If you get the chance to meet her, you will know what I mean. At any rate, read this book; you will feel more grounded afterwards.”

 - Dr. Jutta Tobias, Senior Lecturer Innovation & Process Management, Cranfield School of Management -



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Public Speaking

Are you looking for an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker for your conference or team off-site? As an experienced public speaker, I deliver  keynotes and talks to audiences of any size. My experience of living fearlessly with change and stepping out of my comfort zone, paired with a decade’s worth of experience of advising and empowering board-level executives and my volunteering work in a hospice gives me a unique perspective on navigating our pressure cooker times. Rather than being a monologue, my talks are interactive, get the audience out of their seats and leave them with practical tools that they can apply to their lives at work and at home. 

I speak about mindful leadership, purposedriven cultures, the neuroscience of stress, mindfulness in the workplace, mindful living and how to find happiness and lasting fulfillment and have among others recently been hosted by The Soho House Group, The Conduit, CNN; Facebook, PWC, Warner Brothers, the iconic Second Home, Google Campus, Jamie Oliver´s Big Feastival, General Assembly, Creative Mornings, The London School of Economics, Neurobusiness2015, The ABP conference, CFO Dialogue Ireland, CIO Dialogue UK and Somuchmore´s Holistic Days in Hamburg and Munich. 

"Palma has been the face of wellbeing at Second Home and our mindfulness expert since 2015. Her work has had an incredible impact on the community and she has been a driving force helping our members understand the link between mindfulness, productivity and creativity. 
Her scientific approach to mindfulness is especially suited in a business environment and has shown to be highly practical, something that has been very attractive for our members and the classes are always full."

                                                                             - Karin Killander, Community Manager, Second Home - 


"Palma speaks with a calm authority that is both assured and insightful. She was very engaging and provided those who were fortunate enough to hear her not only positive food for thought but enough information to incorporate these practices into their own busy schedules. I would highly recommend Palma and her very practical book “The Authority Guide to Mindful Leadership”."

                                                                                                                                                        - Shahin Baghaei, Deutsche Bank

"If you would have asked me a few years ago, public speaking was something that I was afraid of. 6 years ago, I felt that it was important to start public speaking as a way of being an ambassador for the power of mindfulness & meditation. Once I had a message to share, the fear disappeared as the passion was stronger and it felt natural and effortless. By now I have given over 100 talks and feel very grateful to be invited to speak about something that I so passionately care about."


  • Ace Your Inner Game To Thrive At Your Outer Game: An Introduction To Mindful Leadership
  • Introduction To Mindfulness: An Inner Technology To Train Our Mind
  • The Mind To Succeed: An Introduction To Mindfulness In the Workplace
  • Consciously Connected: How To Stay Focused And Resilient in The Digital Age
  • Managing Uncertainty 
  • The Science Of Happiness
  • The Art Of Persuasion
  • Self-Compassion: The Secret To Success
  • The Art Of Connection 
  • Find Your Creative Genius
  • You Are What You Eat – An Introduction To The Art Of Mindful Eating