Executive Coaching & Transition Coaching 

"We can´t change the waves but we can learn how to surf."

~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

"Palma is an amazing, inspiring and motivating coach. She has the ability to listen deeply and she made me feel truly understood. We worked together over the course of a few months. When we started I felt stuck. Stuck in my job, daily commute and private life also.

First, she shared tools with me that helped me to get out of the auto-pilot and into experiencing my life with a different outlook. I was able to perceive it in new ways or see things that I didn’t see before. I received a new morning routine that includes a few simple exercises which are making a tangible difference.

Palma helped me to remove mental blockages and open new channels by using guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, conversations, visualisation, sharing inspiring thoughts, books, links and other sources of knowledge with me. I am now feeling more connected with myself and others. I have made some positive changes in my daily life and routine and have started new projects that I am excited about.

Dear Palma, Thank you so much for being wonderful!"

                                                                   -Christine, Head Of Digital Creative, London-

"Palma has guided me through the many twists and turns in my journey in the past 10 years. Without her advice, I would have missed many self-awakening moments and only seen the world through a tunnel vision. As a start-up entrepreneur, Palma’s guidance is the key to my own inner oasis, which is an eternal peaceful ground that I can always return to during the many ups and downs in entrepreneurship."

                                                  Ada Yi Zhao, Founder and CEO of Curated Crowd, a part of Curated Ventures


We live in pressure cooker timers, caracterised by an unprecedented pace of change, uncertainty and turbulence. In this environment we can not just rely on technical expertise or what we think we know. My clients are interested in moving beyond their technical expertise to become extraordinary, authentic and purpose-driven leaders.

I am passionate about unlocking human potential and will work in partnership with you to develop a tailor-made coaching programme, that empowers you to move beyond your technical expertise to create exponential impact and become a purpose-driven and authentic leader. My executive coaching programmes mostly fall into one of these categories: 

  • Exponential Growth/Change
  • Leadership Development 
  • Performance Management
  • Career Progression & Direction
  • Managing Change
  • Relationship Management
  • Stress Management


"The process will empower you to master extraordinary challenges, create deep impact and step into the life and self you secretly desire, to be who you really are with authenticity." 


Change and impermanence are a constant in our lives. As a result, each of us will experience a number of transition periods in our lives. Be it changing careers, founding a business, moving countries, starting or ending a relationship, starting a family or dealing with loss of some kind. What these situations have in common is usually a feeling of being stuck or overwhelmed. We either experience a longing without knowing what for or know that we would like to have something different or be somewhere different, but we usually don´t know how to get there.

Having successfully navigated a number of transitions in my life so far (moving continents, changing relationships, dealing with loss and death, changing careers, etc.) and having learned many important lessons from speaking to people at the end of their lives, I am deeply passionate about holding the space for you and empowering you to step out of your comfort zone and move beyond your perceived obstacles. Together we will create and implement a vision and plan that allows you to create the life you secretly desire and find lasting fullfilment. 

"Palma has the gift of being able to inspire you to be your best self by really getting to heart of who you are as an individual.  Her bespoke sessions enabled me to finally find a way to deal with my chronic bouts of anxiety-related insomnia and all the techniques came from within.  Palma is incredibly kind, knowledgeable in her field with an aura of absolute calm.  She taught me to really understand what it means to take each moment as it comes without allowing my mind to get caught up in negative thought loops.  Short daily practices including gratitude and meditation really do work by connecting more mindfully with my body freeing up my mind for positivity. I can honestly say that my sessions with Palma have been transformational.  In the past year, I have felt energised and generally under less self-pressure resulting in major changes in almost every area of my life and a general feeling of wellbeing.'"

                                           -Suzanne, Advertising Director, Soon-To-Be-Interior-Designer, Mother-

"I went to see Palma to help find my inner voice and regain confidence in my drive and ability. In just one session we were able to confront and address some of the negative issues that I ignored and were affecting me. Palma gave real structure to our session, helping to draw out understanding and insight, which I found very powerful. Palma has made me feel more at ease with myself and positive in my outlook. I'm pleased to have her as a coach and a friend to help me grow."

                                                                 -Jon, Head of Communications, London-

“You must ask for what you really want.”—Rumi

We will focus on integrating our asks and open a discussion on how the power of asking will shift your practice, and your life.

So what do you really want ?


As a coach, I am passionate about empowering my clients to step out of their comfort zone, enabling them to maximise their potential and create the lives they desire. I usually work with people, who want to create impact and take on impossible challenges. My clients are interested in moving beyond their technical expertise to become extraordinary leaders, create meaningful and purpose-driven lives or discover their true nature. 

My coaching starts from the assumption of basic goodness and intrinsic wholeness.  The starting point is that there is more right with you than wrong with you, no matter how challenging the situation is that you find yourself in. 

My approach is holistic, based on neuroscience and focuses on the whole human being (mind, body and heart). I will partner with you and hold the space for you to enable you to step outside of the pressures of every day life. This process enables you to step back, gain perspective and increase your self-awareness, which is the first step to self-mastery. Together we will have a deeper inquiry into your underlying mindsets, stories, beliefs, challenges and aspirations. We will look at real-live challenges and develop action strategies to create sustainable behavioural changes.  

The process will empower you to step into the life and self you want and allow you to connect with and be your real authentic self. 


  • Visionaries with impossible challenges. 
  • People, who would like to leave a powerful legacy - who have achieved what they wanted to and are motivated by asking the essential questions in order to live with greater meaning and purpose.

  • Anyone who is ready to step out of their comfort zone and seeks support in leaving an unfulfilling career or relationship and in identifying and living their purpose. 

  • Newly promoted or experienced managers, who are interested in moving beyond their technical expertise to maximise their performance and become extraordinary, authentic and inspiring leaders.
  • Anyone in transition who feels stuck or overwhelmed.