EXPLORER 38 - Doug Manuel




Our guest today is Doug Manuel, a musician, motivational speaker, and workshop leader. In this episode, we talk about Doug´s journey on making his passion his profession and how to start a successful business following your intuition one step at a time. 

Doug´s Journey

“Everybody has value, irrespective of what tehy do or what title they have.“

Doug felt a bit lost in school and  started working at age 17 doig the ski season in the French Alpes. One thing lead to another and he became a runner during the Cannes Film Festival.This led him into an eight-year career in the media industries, where he started at the bottom in filmmaking and worked his way up to eventually producing documentaries for the BBC.

The Power Of The Djembe

“It brought me to life. There's something about making music when you're playing an instrument that's very primal.”

Doug was filming a documentary about elephants and spent 6 months in Africa. He got introduced to the African drum, djembe, and fell in love with it. 

After finishing the documentary, Doug decided to go back to Africa, and study the djembe. He was practicing all day and found his true passion in it.

Eventually, Doug came back to London with 15 djembes and started to do workshops in schools, prisons, and refugee centers. He got great feedback on how much his sessions helped people.

Bringing Rythm To The Corporate World

“The bigger workshop was more about - let's become one team and play the same rhythm.”

After a few years, Doug started workshops in the corporate sector, to help employees connect with themselves and each other. According to him, drumming is about active listening, collaboration, and emotional intelligence, because you can't think of rhythm you have to feel it.

Doug became so successful with his workshops, that he had a TEDx Talk about the djembe, and even Oprah Winfrey recognized him.

Recently, Doug is trying to bring the power of rhythm into the online world. He works with corporations to create engaging online workshops. 

Palma’s Reflection On Achieving Your Dreams

If you have a dream or a passion that is waiting to be brought into the world, we invite you this week to just pause for a moment and ask yourself - what is the most obvious step that you could take right now to walk into the direction of your dream or passion.

Just look at what it is that naturally occurs to you that you could be doing right now. And if your inner critic tries to talk you out of it, we invite you to just count to 5 and then get up and take that step. And let us know how it goes.

About Our Guest, Doug Manuel

Doug Manuel is a motivational speaker, workshop leader, and musician with a deep understanding of business processes and dynamics. Creator of the internationally acclaimed ‘Djembe! The Show’ nominated for two JEFF awards, he uses stories, music, and rhythm to boost energy, break down barriers and build connections. Oprah Winfrey loves him.

A special thanks to Doug Manuel for taking the time to share his inspiring story with us.

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