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Our guest today is Rara Plumptre, a passionate advocate for the homeless and women and children in crisis. In this episode, we talk about homelessness, and how it can happen to anyone, why it is never too late to start your own business, and how we can all create a positive impact in the world.

Rebuilding A Life From Scratch

“This is your time to move forward and be one of those leaders that you can be to go through life.”

Rara was born as a princess and a descendant of a US president and a Russian prince. She grew up in Africa and later moved to the UK, where she dedicated herself to her husband and 3 children.

Rara lived happily as a housewife for 15 years, until one day her husband returned back from a trip and asked for a divorce. Rara’s world turned completely upside down that day, and she had to rebuild her whole life from scratch.

She had a huge faith that gave her the strength to forgive her husband, even though she was tremendously heartbroken.

After the divorce, Rara held on to the house the family rented with the little money that she was given and supported her children for around 6 years, but eventually, she got into a tough financial situation. She became homeless and had to move in with a friend in London.

A New Beginning

“It's never too late to re-establish yourself”

Rara was eager to get a job and become independent. Her CV was almost empty because she spent most of her life as a full-time mother. She eventually started working in a little gift shop but knew deep down that her biggest dream was to help the homeless.

Rara soon started two networking businesses with the help of a friend. She was 58 years old at the time. According to her, it is never too late to follow your dream and re-establish yourself, if you have the willpower.

Through her organizations, Rara connects people who are struggling in different ways including divorce or losing a job, but her heart is with the homeless people. She helps people with community, connections, or organising legal advice to be able to rebuild their lives.

Being In The Present Moment

Rara realized that the only way she can be truly happy and content with herself is if she is living in the now. She didn’t want to worry about the future or feel sad for the past.

The three things that helped her to be present were singing, sculpting, and calligraphy. These activities put her out of her thoughts and into a flow. She recommends everyone to go back to activities they love and give them joy, especially in these hard COVID times.

Why We Need To Change Our Mindset About Homelessness

According to Rara, the current pandemic made homelessness an even bigger issue. Everyone is 5 minutes away of becoming homeless.

She suggests more education around homelessness and financial literacy in schools. Traditionally especially women have a hard time learning how to be independent, so this should be part of the curriculum.

Palma’s Reflection On Acceptance And Forgiveness

In this episode, we talked about how everyone is only two or three decisions away from becoming homeless. To reflect on this, we invite you to try the “Just Like Me” exercise, inspired by Neale Donald Walsch.

One way to practice this is to go for a walk. Whenever you see or pass by a person just silently take a look at them and say in your mind “just like me”.

Repeat this every time you pass someone, regardless of how rich or poor, old or young they are. Say it when you see a successful person and also when you see a homeless person. Try this for a whole week, and then see what happens.

The other practice, we invite you to do this week, is about forgiveness. Forgiveness can be hard, and it can take time. But what's even harder is not forgiving the people in your life and carrying the anger and grudge as a backpack around with you.

So this week, try to make a list with all the people who wronged you in the past, and also the people who you wronged. You don’t have to talk to these people, just forgive them within yourself.

If you would like to learn more about practicing forgiveness, then check out Palma´s meditation onself-forgiveness. 

About Our Guest, Rara Plumptre

Rara is a dynamic person with an extraordinary story behind her.

She has set up several businesses, all people related.

Rara holds several Ambassadorships and works tirelessly for three ‘Not For Profit’ Social Enterprises.

Having arrived back in London six years ago homeless, through divorce.... she followed her heart by helping the Homeless, then setting up a few Networking businesses.

At the same time, she started (with the help of Mishcon de Reya ) a ‘Divorce Angel’ Service which helps ‘ Men and Woman’ recover from issues of Divorce by looking after them, completely Privately. 

This is a Pro Bono area, where she works closely with the Client, and the Lawyer.

The other, is a ‘Connections and Introductory Service’, helping the Client to move forward with their businesses, supporting them to gain good Connections, and putting, if needed, a Mentoring Service around them. 

For Rara, it’s about spreading the word, to help people young and old to have the courage to look outside the box, to gain confidence, to build a tiny business, or to take the leap of faith that one needs to go forwards in life. 

Because at 58, she had to Start Again from nothing .... having not worked in her 25-year marriage ... with three children.

Rara is eternally grateful for her Great friends and the wonderful contacts, all of whom have supported her to where she is today. 

A special thanks to Rara Plumptre for taking the time to share his inspiring story with us.

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