Our guest today is Justin Packshaw MBE, an adventurer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and chairman of Joro Experiences. He led expeditions all over the world including to both the North and South Poles, and he is a strong advocate for raising awareness and money for important causes like empowering disadvantaged youth or protecting our environment. In this episode, he shares his adventures on Mount Everest, how he followed his dreams, and how to find that one thing that really sets your heart on fire.

A Wondrous Childhood

“When you have that curious spirit at an early age, which everyone has, and you can allow an element of possibility around it, it's amazing what people will do”

Justin grew up in Malta as the youngest of four children. His parents were always adventurous and curious so they supported him from a young age to search for what really made him happy. He was sailing ever since he was a young child and it gave him an understanding of and great respect for nature.

According to Justin, everyone has a curious spirit and if we nurture that in our youth and support children and teenagers in following their dreams then we can build a happier and healthier society.

Becoming An Adventurer

“We only have one life and it's important that you really pack it in.”

Justin met Sir Ranulph Fiennes at his school when he was around 9 years old. Learning about Ranulph’s adventures ignited a fire in Justin’s heart to explore the world and made him feel that everything was possible. He became fascinated by old school explorers and the fact that just 100 years ago no one had ever been to the North or South Pole.

As he was sailing a lot, he learned from a young age to let go of his expectations as he couldn’t control nature. He also learned that change is a good thing and necessary for growth. 

Justin started raising money with his sailing for good causes when he was about 12 years old. 

Today, his expeditions raise awareness and money for important causes and various charities including The Prince's Trust, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award and Walking With The Wounded. In addition to that, his expeditions have also carried out scientific research. 

Justin’s advice on how to get out of your comfort zone and follow your own dreams:

  • Just start somewhere and take baby steps.

  • Never be afraid of not knowing something, because if you do something enough times, you will gain confidence and get better at it.

  • Dare to be vulnerable, because failure always teaches you something.

Climbing Mount Everest

“We come and we go, and if you're going to go and you're doing something which really does free you and sets your soul on fire, that's a brave thing to do.”

Justin has undertaken many adventures in his life, and one of the biggest one was climbing Mount Everest with 9 of his friends. In his words, “Mount Everest is covered in dead bodies” and during his journey he had a surprising insight that “these climbers passed away while doing something they absolutely loved doing, which was better than never trying, never fully living and living a seemingly secure but dull life. “  

According to Justin the way to live life to the fullest is to learn as much as you can, grow as much as you can, push yourself as hard as you can and enjoy yourself as much as you can with compassion, have fun and bring as many people along with you as you can.

Palma´s Invitation To Dream Bigger Than You Have Before

Inspired by Justin, this week, we would like to invite you to dream and dream bigger than you have before. 

As a coach I see many people dreaming too small and their goals do not inspire them enough to get out of their comfort zone and take the first step. Often, their goals just tend to be a marginal improvement to their current reality and their WHY is not big enough. 

  • Take a moment and think of a goal or a dream that you feel is impossible for you to reach in your lifetime or that feels totally out of reach.

  • So if you could have or do anything you wanted, without any limitations and if everything was possible, what would you like to create in your life, what would you like to have that you are currently not having?

  • Which dreams really excite you or inspire you?

  • Make a list with at least 10 dream goals and repeat this every day this week.

  • By the end of the week, look at all your dream goals and pick one that ignites the greatest joy or fun and then just take the first step, however small. You don't need to know how to get there.

About Our Guest, Justin Packshaw

Justin is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and adventurer. He is the Chairman of Joro Experiences and is also the CCO of Bruhn NewTech. 

Justin served as an Officer in the British Army and was involved throughout the first Gulf War and was also Equerry to one of the British Royal Family. He represented Britain at sailing and competed in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race. 

His determination, go-getter attitude and optimism has seen him lead expeditions all over the world including several to both the North and South Poles; to winning a 450 mile man-hauling race to the Magnetic North Pole. He has ridden horses across Mongolia, motorbikes through Africa, jet-skied across the Nigerian coast from Cameroon to Benin; summited Mount Everest as well as taking wounded soldiers to replicate both Captain Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton’s epic Antarctic trips of a century ago.

Justin is a strong advocate for raising awareness and money for important causes, from looking after our wounded service personnel; to empowering disadvantaged youths to reach their potential; to looking after and protecting our environment. He is an Ambassador for The Princes Trust as well as the British Governments GREAT Campaign and is also a keen supporter of the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards (DofE).

A special thanks to Justin Packshaw for taking the time to share his inspiring story with us.

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